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Browse Sherpa’s data bank of problematic scenarios that students often find themselves in and are unable to communicate affectively enough to get the best result.

With our scenario library there is an abundance of desired results that are available for selection so that the user can establish what they wish to achieve in any given scenario.

Sherpa provides Risk Analyzer to help the user better understand risks that apply to any given scenario and user’s desired result. In addition to this, it promotes thought provocation, so the user is focused on the task going forward.

Imagine walking through a minefield while blindfolded and wearing lead shoes.

Sherpa provides these analysis features for the user to assess and understand their situation more clearly, come to terms with any fears they may have of the situation and their ability to effectively communicate to resolve, and provoke thought.

Sherpa’s communication centre has been designed on the concept that communication solves problems. The central component of Sherpa’s communication centre is its script library containing dialogical formulas to suit the user’s ability and needs with the desire to resolve problems using specialized conversational scripts.

Sherpa is loaded with essential tools for users to achieve several results. Check out Sherpa’s tool shed here.